What’s to love at ADA?
*We guarantee age-appropriate music, costumes, and choreography.
* For your convenience, we have our own seamstress and provide free costume alterations.
*We offer a variety of classes and styles of dance, including a free Liturgical class (for current dance students).
*As a MTJGD studio, we are committed to provide MORE than excellent dance instruction. MTJGD dancers go beyond technique to develop important life skills, learning to be respectful, confident, and conscientious young people who share their gifts and talents with the community.

How old does my child need to be to start dance?
Our dance and gymnastics classes are for boys and girls ages 18 months and up.

When can my child start?
We offer a variety of classes that start throughout the year. Please contact the studio by phone or email to discuss options.

Creative Movement is a great introductory class with a special tuition price of $39/month. This class is for students ages 18 months to 3 years old.

What are the costs involved?
For regular season classes, there is a membership fee, monthly tuition, costumes, and recital fee (per family). Apparel and shoes vary with each class. These are all explained in detail below but please email us at with any questions!

What is the Membership fee?
The annual Membership fee is $50/student for regular season classes and includes:
đź’›Priority class placement
đź’›Transfer classes for free
đź’›Access to Member Dashboard
đź’›Rollover Membership

What are Discovery Classes?
Discovery Classes are for students ages 3-8. One of our missions at ADA  is to develop well rounded dancers. We changed the structure of our discovery level class tuition because we wanted more styles to be more accessible for more dancers. With this tuition structure, your monthly discount goes up with the time spent in classes. At the discovery level of classes, dance is like a buffet, your child should have the opportunity to try it all and see what he/she loves most! We encourage that Ballet, Tap, and Jazz classes (foundational) are first on the menu and then any other classes such as Hip Hop (electives) are like a dessert.
Tuition for these classes is based on the following table:

What are Graded Technique classes?
Graded Technique classes are specialized Ballet, Tap, and Jazz disciplines for students ages 9 and up.  Advancement is based on correct placement, skill mastery, and instructor recommendation. Students will receive skill testing twice per year and will have the opportunity to move up a level in curriculum or continue working on specific skills in order to advance. Students will receive skill testing twice per year and will have the opportunity to move up a level in curriculum or continue working on specific skills in order to advance. In addition to Graded Technique classes, students also have the option to extend their dancing experience by taking specialty classes such as Hip-Hop, Gymnastics, Musical Theatre, and Ballet Technique.  Professional dance training in a positive and inspiring atmosphere.
Tuition for ages 9+ is per class:
30 minute class = $43/month
45 minute class = $53/month
1 hour class = $63/month

What is Liturgical?
is an open level class to honor Jesus through dancing and share His love with others through performance. Class begins with prayer and a short devotional and the dancers learn a routine. This class performs in the winter and spring recitals and throughout the season at local churches and community events when there are opportunities. This class is FREE to our dance students ages 6+! NEW – Liturgical is not considered an elective and is not required for company dancers for the 2021-22 season. We highly suggest that company students take Liturgical class as it helps dancers to build upon their performance quality and  helps to develop a deeper confidence, poise, artistry, and showmanship. You can see a description of all of our classes HERE.

Do you offer fundraising?
Fundraising is through the ADA Booster Club for our Company students.

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