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superman prime one million

It was mentioned that Superboy-Prime was handed over to the Justice League as the Shazam Family didn't know what else to do with him. He also mentioned that "He's been wanting to show the world what he can do, because he barely had a chance to be Superboy. Near the end of the twenty-first century, Superman mourned for the loss of all the loved ones whom he'd outlived. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. This sends him into a tantrum, in which he wrecks the museum and kills security guards and police officers. Or what powers you have. Although nearly powerless, Kal-El knocks Superboy-Prime out before collapsing himself, but members of the Green Lantern Corps manage to save Kal-El. However, one night, as he attends a Halloween costume party dressed as Superboy, the passage of Halley's Comet overhead triggers his Kryptonian powers. The Teen Titans, the Doom Patrol, and the Justice Society of America arrive to help Conner. His parents were unable to escape that way due to a member of the Kryptonian council bursting into the room and using the device, although it is unknown what happened to him. [46] When Nightshade attacks Superboy-Prime with darkness, he shows a deep achluophobia brought about most likely from the darkness blocking his access to yellow sunlight. [42] During the Blackest Night, the Black Lantern Alexander Luthor provides Superboy-Prime with a copy of his original armor. Superboy-Prime is from the universe known as Earth Prime, in which the DC heroes are fictional comic book characters. Is it the fact that now that he's got a big dent on his car, another one won't matter? He becomes one of the Anti-Monitor's heralds, and he wears the uniform of the Sinestro Corps along with a variant of the power suit he wore during Infinite Crisis. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Nabeel Gaber is a longtime reader of a plethora of comic books. Doctor Doom's Ultimate Form is Marvel's Biggest Villain. The Captain Britain Corps Has Been Reborn in Marvel's Universe, Superman's Ultimate Form is Stronger Than Any Hero, Ever, Superman PRIME of DC's Future is The Ultimate Version, The Flash of DC One Million Returns To Comic Canon, Cyclops & Jean Grey Bring The X-Men Back To Marvel Comics, Marvel's Indigenous Voices Redefines Its Cosmic Universe, The Kingpin Raised One Avenger Like A Daughter, Peter Parker's Clone helped Miles Morales Return To Being Spider-Man, One X-Men's X of Swords Rematch Is Just as Weird As Her First Test, An Old West Marvel Hero is Responsible for Creating Iron Man, Nightwing Discovers The Justice League's Biggest Secret, Legendary X-Men Writer Explains How Marvel Destroyed Cyclops. Superboy-Prime even states that he has plans for Billy Batson when he gets out. Superman traveled until the 700th century, acquiring a wide range of new abilities and skills from all across the universe. Free of the spell that affected him, Black Adam joins the fight and asks for Shazam to cast the spell while he buys him some time. Surviving the creation of the universe is no small task. [2] The Krypton of Earth Prime's universe—unlike other versions of the planet—was completely absorbed by its sun, rather than being destroyed and fragments ejected from the explosion which would have created kryptonite, so for some time it seemed that no kryptonite that could affect Superboy-Prime existed. Nabeel is a graduate of Trinity University, working now as a freelance comic book features writer. [39] Solomon then tells Prime that Earth-51 is his perfect Earth, and it is in ruins due to the fighting between Monarch's Army, the Earth-51 heroes, and the Challengers. Upon his return, Superman promised to share his power with his descendants, an ability not previously seen. DC One Million introduces readers to the ultimate version of this hero: Superman Prime of the 853rd century. He decides to use him to destroy the Legion and sends him to the 31st century, where he crashes in a farm outside of Smallville. In his spare time, Nabeel enjoys running, improv comedy, and all the comics he can get his hands on! [55] Superboy-Prime crashes the fight between the Shazam Family and the Monster Society of Evil where he uses his fists to impale Scapegoat. Going back in time, Superman fought his way through the big bang itself to destroy this pyramid and save the timeline. It's no question that Superman has a long-running title as one of the strongest (if not the strongest) characters in DC's history. Using his heat-vision, Conner manages to create a deep wound across the S-shield that Prime had carved into his chest. However, since the fifth issue is not yet on the shelves, the events unfold exactly as Clark already read them, with Alexander Luthor, multiversal-hopping Black Lantern, bestowing to him all of his powers in order to bring him to a higher emotional state. He returns to Earth, appearing to be the same Superman fans know and love, though before long it's revealed that his powers have increased immensely - but why? Inside the sun, The Man of Steel spent fifteen thousand years absorbing solar energy, super-charging his powers to infinite levels, resulting in his radiant glow. [24] During his battles with the three Legions, however, the "Threeboot" Element Lad is able to transmute the ground around Superboy-Prime into a form of kryptonite that does hurt him. He is the adopted son of Jerry and Naomi Kent. The resurrections of Kid Flash and Superboy are part of a master contingency plan devised long before by Brainiac 5, who was forewarned of Superboy-Prime by one of Dream Girl's prophecies. Maggin and Curt Swan (based upon the original Superboy character by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster). He tries to reach out to Kal-L, whose attention is focused on Lois's failing health. Superman Prime chose to pass down very limited amounts of his power to those he deemed worthy. Learning of the prison break, the Legion of Super-Heroes call Superman from the 21st century. Every time Prime has been depowered it has taken an actual red sun, and not merely localized red sun radiation. Superboy-Prime beats Kal-L to death, but is then attacked by Kal-El. [60], When asked if Superboy-Prime was irredeemable or not, Johns replied "I think it's a split. His time spent within the sun may have made him the strongest hero ever seen. From his wacky Silver Age power-set to the toned-down, Post-Crisis Superman, The Man of Tomorrow has proven his immense potential time and again. [41], Shortly after the events of Geoff Johns' Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes storyline, the Time Trapper finds Superboy-Prime lost in time. The suit collects and feeds him yellow solar energy to maintain his power levels even when exposed to a red sun; in his first appearance, he was shown to shrug off the effects of artificial, localized red sun radiation, but he was not exposed to an actual red sun. [42], Superboy-Prime led his Legion of Super-Villains to Sorcerer's World, where he recruits Mordru and kills Rond Vidar (the last Green Lantern) before heading to Earth. In his first appearance, he is shown to resist the effects of red sun radiation; however, this radiation was artificial. [44], Massive amounts of quantum energy have been shown to injure Superboy-Prime as well, as seen in his battle with Monarch. [40] Superman-Prime fights with Monarch, finding out that this is an enemy who is on his level despite his boosted powers from the Guardian. Despite the physical depletion of his powers, his eyes begin glowing red again. Or what you wear on your chest. He didn't mean to do this stuff. [23], Superboy-Prime has a fear of the Flash Family, due in large part to them pushing Superboy-Prime into the Speed Force, where they imprison him under red sunlight to depower him for several years until he breaks out. Breaking through, he battles 32 Green Lanterns, killing them. It was ripped off by the aforementioned Black Lanterns. The extended cool-off period forced on him has left Clark more regretful, aware of his reputation as a joke character in the eyes of the people of Earth-Prime. Superman and the three Legion founders transport him to the 31st Century, where the Trapper faces his younger self. [47] Unable to damage the Black Lanterns, Superboy-Prime flies to the DC Comics building in New York and attempts to take revenge on the writers he believes made him the way he is. [42], After freeing the prisoners, Prime burns a huge S shield into the prison planet, determined to turn the shield from a symbol of hope into a symbol of terror. Superboy-Prime has all the basic abilities of a Kryptonian except at a much higher level when compared to most adult Kryptonians, especially Superman, with exposure to yellow sunlight: superhuman strength, speed, senses, healing, endurance, superbreath, flight, X-ray vision, telescopic vision, microscopic vision, heat vision, and invulnerability.

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