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luke 2:1 commentary

All the world jumps and runs to be enrolled. “(Mary) gave birth to her firstborn son” (2:7). This scene opens with Roman trumpets blaring an imperial order coming from Caesar Augustus when Quirinius was governor of Syria. The angel says that a baby is born “to you.” The angel could just as easily have said that a baby was born to Mary, or (if that were too anachronistically individualistic), the angel could have said that the baby was born to the family of David. All the world jumps and runs to be enrolled. The storyteller has Mary sing her reasoning: this is a key step in God’s project to turn the world right-side-up, to bring down the powerful from their thrones and to raise up the oppressed, to feed the hungry with the good things of Creation and to send the overstuffed rich empty away, to help the Jewish people and to remember promises made all the way back to Abraham. gehalt. Something interesting happens next. One man, one Roman man, can (as long as he is Caesar Augustus) issue an order and throw the world into motion. Since all the characters in the foreground of the story are Jews, it is important to notice that Jews are a subjugated people in this narrative world, subject to the whims and rages of both the distant Roman rulers and the (all too) close Roman army. a. 2. p. 608. An angel appears to shepherds in the fields, guarding their flocks. And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the … 98. They are not limited to noticing that he looks just like Uncle Oscar or has a pianist’s hands. On Christmas Day, when families in pajamas unwrap gifts under their trees, monks in monasteries all around the world rise to chant Psalm 97. Sanhedrin, fol. (Read Luke 2:21-24) Our Lord Jesus was not born in sin, and did not need that mortification of a corrupt nature, or that renewal unto holiness, which were signified by circumcision. By the way, don’t stop reading this story when the Revised Common Lectionary stops at verse 20. That is more important. They have the word of an army of angels, singing in the night, so they report that. All rights reserved. Mary and Joseph (and Jesus) are sheltered with the animals, not because all the motels were full and they were alone and friendless, but because the fact that the family guest room was already full does not mean that family members would be turned away. And since priestly families appear to have been endogamous (marrying only within the clan), this raises the possibility that Joseph, too, is an Aaronide, a relative of priests. Caesar may be issuing orders, but God is keeping promises. Gabriel is not done. That is what family does. This is what Jewish families do, and this is a very Jewish family. The wedding metaphor that sets up our passage in Isaiah 62 is probably the reason it was chosen to serve as a Christmas text. Compiled & Edited by BST & Crosswalk Staff, Compiled & Edited by BibleStudyTools Staff, California - Do Not Sell My Personal Information. That’s what family does. There is even more going on. This ordinance was, in his case, a pledge of his future perfect obedience to the whole law, in the midst of sufferings and temptations, even unto death for us. Why does Mary accept this hazardous mission? That also is what family does. “In those days a decree went out from Emperor Augustus that all the world should be registered” (2:1). This is the impact of Roman domination. His name Augustus, was not his original surname, but Thurinus; and was given him, after he became Caesar, to express his grandeur, majesty, and reverence; and that by the advice of Munatius Plancus, when others would have had him called Romulus, as if he was the founder of the city of Rome {z}: by him a decree was made and published, that all the world should be taxed; or "registered", or "enrolled"; for this was not levying a tax, or imposing tribute upon them, but a taking an account of the names of persons, and of their estates; and which might be, in order to lay a tax upon them, as afterwards was: for the payment of a tax, there was no need of the appearance of women and children; and so the Arabic version renders it, "that the names the whole habitable world might be described, or written down": such an enrolment had been determined on by Augustus, when at Tarracon in Spain, twenty seven years before; but he was diverted from it by some disturbances in the empire, so that it was deferred to this time, in which there was a remarkable interposition of divine providence; for had this enrolment been made then, in all likelihood it had not been done now, and Joseph and Mary would not have had occasion to have come to Bethlehem: but so it must be; and thus were things ordered by an infinite, and all wise providence to effect it: nor did this enrolment reach to all the parts of the known world, but only to the Roman empire; which, because it was so very large as it was, and in the boasting language of the Romans was so called, as, Ptolemy Evergetes. Luke 2:1. Luke 2:1 And it came to pass in those days When John the Baptist was born, and Christ was conceived, and his mother pregnant with him, and the time of his birth drew on. EXEGESIS: LUKE 2:1-20. Read also verse 21, because in that verse Jesus’ family names him and circumcises him. F2 T. Bab. In these verses Luke makes a historical statement, which one might have been inclined to regard as an illustration of the ἀκρίβεια , at which he aimed, as well as of his desire, in the spirit of Pauline universalism, to connect the birth of Jesus with the general history of the world.

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