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lucid memory foam mattress review

ONE WORD OF CAUTION: make sure you have it in the exact position you want it in, otherwise the weight is very cumbersome if you want to shift it around. Just give few hours in the beginning for the mattress to take the right shape and then you are all set. But, that is a small price to pay fore this great mattress! I highly recommend this mattress. I am really having a good sleep on this mattress. From the King and Cal King you can likewise divide the firmness levels. It doesn’t have to be a box spring. I gave it 4 stars and not 5 because it is really firm and not medium firm as described. During the expasion, you may notice that the ends of the mattress (at the foot, esp.) We have been sleeping on it for a month, and it has been the greatest investment we ever made. Lucid is very competitive on price for the amount of mattress that you receive and feature low priced memory foam and latex foam. It also made a lot of noise when I turned at night. I'm 105 lbs. Super easy setup- it took about 48 hrs to expand. He started complaining recently that the mattress is uncomfortable and too hard. The bed is so very comfortable and the extra long size is magical (I have a boyfirend that is 6'6") and his feet do not hang off anymore!! So we bought 2 twin xl mattresses, his being innerspring one. After sleeping on this mattress for only a few days, the difference was remarkable. It's firm but I'm good with that. But maybe it will soften up as time goes by. After cutting the sealed packaging with the blade it comes with, you can begin to see the bed rise. Loved the packaging. I've never reviewed a purchase on Amazon previous to this. Pragma Bed® Mattress Platform - Quad-Fold. I'm 215lbs and this bed is AWESOME!! People called me grumpy, troll-like, "unpersonable" in interviews. I bought a bed frame and it's sufficient. It came in a large canvas bag. Will def buy from again...i am due for a new mattress. Let me cover them all briefly:One- The mattress actually seems quite "tall" and I don't feel that it was worth a hundred dollars an inch for anymore height.Two- It did smell when I opened it. This mattress was a complete waste of money. Reading previous reviews, I moved it immediately into my room, with my roomate's help since it is pretty big, and put it right on my old box spring.Unboxing: So its a little pain to get all the tape and unroll the mattress. I consider this a medium firm and I was so disappointed as I was really looking forward to that pillow top feel, but spent $100 on a thick plush mattress topper and it’s suitable now, but still thinking about returning it - but how do I return a mattress that came rolled & compressed in a box? This time, I promise I'll rotate it! I use this mattress as a day bed as well as my own bed so it gets used as a "couch" and a bed. It arrives in a big box. Nectar utilizes a 365 night sleep trial. The recommendations with our mattress was to let it air out for 48 hours before sleeping on it. Searching online and going to b&m stores I found great mattresses, but the prices weren't so great (Fell in love with Tempurpedic and the Duxiana beds). Make sure you air it out before using it, and use the proper base (you want a base specifically for memory foam beds). I wish I would have known about this "steal" sooner... We have shopped, and shopped, and shopped for mattresses and I have never seen a deal this great even at the discount places or the places with defective mattresses. Ignore the review that said it's like a rock, it's firm, but comfortable firm. I still slept sound and felt comfortable when lying in the bed, but woke up aching. warranty! In my case it was telling me what junk it was.When this mattress came it was compressed and left at my front door. Correct placement from head to toe is crucial for balanced and healthy sleep and to decrease pain in the back. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for LUCID 10 Inch 2019 Gel Memory Foam Mattress - Medium Firm Feel - CertiPUR-US Certified (Queen) at I purchased this to replace a spring mattress that came with abedframe that I got on craigslist. I'm not totally ache free in the a.m. but I'd have to say an 90% reduction in morning ache & back pain would be about right. Also, when the mattress gets a dip in the middle ( and it will) , I will flip itand put the topper on the firm side, extending the life of the mattress. My husband spent hours doing research on what makes a good memory foam mattress. Great mattress. The mattress now does that hand print thing like you see in all the pictures and videos.I'm not sure how the outside cover mix up occurred, but if you buy this mattress, make sure the soft memory foam squishy layer is right side up. I've only ever had spring mattresses my whole life, and after sleeping on this Serta that lost all support after barely a year of use, my back feels ruined. Up until I purchased this mattress, I'd suffered from headaches, severe back aches, and general soreness every day - and I'm only 27! My mattress is queen, got king cover to protect it. The pressure points on your body are what is responsible for you surging throughout the night. Although my Twin XL was easy to manipulate fully expanded, I can imagine the larger mattresses would not be (floppy and squishy).Yes, the mattress smelled initially. In looking at other memory foam mattresses online, it seemed that memory foam mattresses were a good item for scam artists..... if you have looked, you know what I mean.What eased my skeptical mind with this particular mattress was the 20 year warranty. Should have done this a long, long time ago. Together with numerous natural certifications, the products are also free from polyurethane and toxins. The 16'' version starts with a hypoallergenic bamboo charcoal foam layer followed by 3'' of soft memory foam, 2'' of medium firmness bouncy latex, and 10'' of supportive base foam at the bottom layer. Great support. The full size mattress cover and sheets fit perfectly. It must Allow you to sleep cool throughout the night. The price may be low - but I do not recommend this item. It's about 1.5 inches too wide. Turns out that it was just rolled up very tightly, and wrapped in plastic. This mattress is firm yet soft and comfortable at the same time. Go figure! As always shipping was fast and easy. We have replaced it now and the replacement was twice as much but worth every penny for a good nights sleep. Once I took the outside cover off and got the soft side on the correct side of the mattress, it is now like a cloud of heavenly bliss. It's not hard to deploy but I was a little hesitant to order it because I was going to do it all by myself at our vacation shack when nobody else was around and his review made me feel confident that I could do it.So, let's talk about 'deployment'. Excessive tightness will irritate the tension factors, causing pinched nerves, in addition to the blood to stop streaming. I did know that similar mattresses like Tempur-Pedic sell for over $1,000.00. In the morning I always felt sore because the damn thing would not give in and although everyone else I know loved it - plus I paid $1000 for it, it just did not work for me.

Great Value Pink Salmon Nutrition, Psychedelic Furs Disco Wiki, How To Ship Glass Bottles Of Liquid, Parul University Login, How To Write Quarantine In Malayalam, Mayer Air Fryer Mmaf800, Etekcity Thermometer Review, Open Faced Crab Melt Recipe, Best Debate Quotes 2020,

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