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how to deal with aggressive wild birds

Thanks for the comments Mark. This is a common problem with windows and birds. Do all butcher birds attempt to rear young in this inefficient way? Aggression in birds can be an unexpected, frustrating and always unwelcome behavior. I can only guesse that the bird miscalculated because rather than a glancing blow with its horned wing it literally flew straight into my face and nearly fell to the groud before it could recover. BTW (for your interest) you might Google -bird attacks Houston- to read about urban incidents–including one where authorities even chose to close down an entire downtown Houston (Texas) street. I don’t know how to mow my lawn, tend to my flowers, water my any time I go out there…the thing will swoop and swauk..while I get it…you are nesting…I have to live in my own space…what do I do..any suggestions!!?? Maybe should be feeding worms or something? The lad concerned fell and the bird’s sharp claw ruptured a major artery in his leg. Then, 10 metres in front of me was a junction with an uphill path leading up a bridge out of the park onto the overhead bridge. You obviously cant peck between the lines. It can be dangerous and if your skin gets damaged, as a first aider, I know that it can create unwanted and possibly dangerous infections. In winter and early spring, many Australians start scanning the skies for a crazy black and white bundle of feathers as the magpie Gymnorhina tibicen starts breeding and raising its chicks. […], […] Do Blackbirds Swoop? Cathy. I must check it out. Pecks and broken skin resulting in bleeding are relatively common and can be both painful and terrifying – usually because the scalp is attacked and that is one part of the body which will bleed profusely. Very nice pictures of birds you have here. Having a pelican a metre away staring you directly in the eye is very unnerving. They have been known to attack in small groups but more commonly just the one pair attacks. There have been a few recorded instances of people being attacked by eagles, hawks and other raptors. Perhaps you could locate a feed tray on a stand or hanging in a tree nearby. The only preventative I can think of is to remove the central tree and hang cds in all the perimeter trees next year – no small task. Any ideas? It was in the middle of the city in fact. and JC from America – if you relocate the rogue Magpie another one enters the territory straight away and I’m not sure if you can just kill indiscriminately in Americal BUT you are not allowed to shoot/kill a protect species in Australia….. and R Gibson from Australia – shame on you for thinking the answered would be to have more feral cats killing the wildlife in your area – you do know the cats would not just kill magpies…hmfff – and you have hit the nail on the head – too many houses for humans and not enough houses for wildlife…. A defensive, angry bird on a bird feeder might indicate low seed supplies, or an individual upset bird might be a clue to a nearby nest it feels is threatened. Willie Wagtails are generally loved by all Australians and is one of our most recognisable birds. 126 Responses to “Do Blackbirds Swoop? This blackbird is swooping in San Francisco: Gulls and picnics seem to go together. It is quite often that these little guys will buzz you in the garden purely for just being close, very territorial. Once I actually saw two birds from an earlier generation flying from it. Birds get angry for many reasons, all of which are linked to their survival. Yes, I do love their song, even when it wakes me at 5 a.m. I ID’d them with help from the Visual Key for Bird Identification website I found at Required fields are marked *, Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. The bit I was shocked by is the way some rogues magpies will attack from the ground and aim for the eyes of the victim – debunking the old myth that magpies won’t swoop if you are watching them! Magpie attacks are certainly disarming at best and downright frightening at worst, especially for little children. They mistook rabbits for magpies. Previously, on the news, I had heard of a girl who was in the Intensive Care Unit of our hospital after being pecked in the eye by a magpie as the girl was walking near the magpie’s nest’s territory. Hi there Jennifer. For more comments click here.) This bird, which has a very territorial nature, is known for its aggressive behavior. Dr Jones' field surveys found that, contrary to popular belief, only about 12 per cent of all male magpies will actually attack people. Although not as drastic as shooting, biologists were concerned that this would also have an adverse impact - male and female magpies take equal responsibility for caring for their young, and researchers were concerned that removing the male would leave the female unable to feed the young adequately. Thanks for your comments and question. Once they are used to accepting the provided food, time it closer to the children’s meal time. Did not work. Not in my life and not even my grave as i shall be burnt to ashes and spread away in the waters of Sydney not to be buried. Do you have any suggestions as to why he has started acting like this? NOTE: I have lived in the Redcliffe area (postcode: 4020) for six years. i am constantly swooped upon by 1 male blackbird it flys in my face so close i can feel its wings flapping and brushing past my cheek , it is a myth that they are timid and do not swoop. Cornell Lab of Ornithology All About Birds: Northern Mockingbird, "National Audubon Society Field Guide to Birds"; John Bull and John Farrand Jr.; 2008.

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