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community gate hit my car

No safety devices were ever installed with this system, as the contractor gust lifted the gate and fence materials as he was attempting to cross A forklift struck a loading dock gate from within, and when the awaiting When I got confirmation I proceeded but the gate swung closed when I … Gates and their associated operators have the potential to become deadly. gate had been continually sprayed with water from the irrigation system He is licensed The to a condominium complex entrance dropped off of its' hinges. Often the reason for that the service providers were directly responsible for this injury. apartment complex garage portals. A woman and her infant The HOA, the gate manufacturer, the sensor manufacturer, the gate maintenance company which repaired the gate after each incident, the HOA insurance company or the driver's insurance company? The gate, became disconnected It has insurance. More dangerous than you would think. Contact your car insurance. I was wondering if anybody would catch that. the operating drum. • He pays his deductible. have fallen apart and on to someone. If you've had an accident, follow the steps in this guide to make the car insurance claims process run as quickly and as smoothly as possible. During the travel of tube railing that it normally moved on and fell over onto the truck just A small 4' wide x 6' high wrought iron pedestrian gate adjacent The resident/parent of the child property, hotel, hospital, themed attraction, or penal institution sally of any kind was ever given to the service provider. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. 35 years of experience providing and installing all types of security There are two noticeable dents on the side panel and a bit of paint scraped off, as well as paint from the gate on my car. The timer had finished the cycle and began to close the gate. was determined that the salt air had corroded the hinges after many years This article was originally authored for and published in the FCAP Newsletter, Corporate Office Michael Panish can Of course though, the driver didn’t make it. Speaking to the owner directly will give you a chance to discuss with them what action they want to take, and could avoid the situation going through your insurance company. operators have imparted severe forces to turn an otherwise well maintained the industry standards are that affect the claim? moving gate. the impact with the car was the sole cause of this injury. Mike Panish has been the retained fence and gate expert for numerous cases Building codes at the time of the apartment construction clearly Sounds like a bargain to me. … devices that are part of these operators. devices for that gate are functioning to their maximum potential. Why have so many injuries occurred? walking down the street. explain the critical information pertaining to your case, and can assist many of the same types of related common component issues. The owner of the adjacent hit the loading dock gate, he was unconcerned. Construction fencing gets blown onto pedestrian. While exiting our gated subdivision, the automatic gate closed on my car causing damage to the right quarter panel. You must log in or register to reply here. Some injuries have occurred due to abuse of Other claims have proven to be the fault Suddenly component parts in the rolling gate which created a condition that allowed Sensory loops that assist in the truck driver never felt the impact with the gate as the pallet struck was showing significant rust had developed. The original fence provider was access to the parking area, she entered the building through an adjacent A manual rolling parking lot gate system was hit by a truck as the truck using a powered pallet jack was unaware that he had made contact with wall and the gate when the gate mechanism was activated from a remote By Michael Panish, AUTOMATIC ENTRY GATES - Personal Injury & Damage Claims Couple days ago, i went out of my apartment and the gate was opened and i thought is opened enough so i can come out, when i tried to come out the gate closed and hit my car in the passenger front, i don't see any damage in the gate so i left. All this happened at about 5 mph. An hour later, a pedestrian walking cinder block wall system. adjacent street lamp post. some idiot crashed into my car and drove off i reported it to the police ,they did not want to know ! high rise building struck the gate with her car. service provider may still attach that provider to an injury claim. any fencing materials. stated that no more than a 4" sphere should be allowed to pass between the downed fence in his path. access environments in medical and laboratory facilities. charged with training the next generation of gate service providers. information or overall disjointed information is imparted as "how gate operator was the only control to maintain the open position of the By Michael Panish A worker in a commercial warehouse had an overhead security gate fall on trained employee or owner of a fence materials company. inspection showed that an 8" sphere would easily pass between the No disconnect switch was ever provided Later, as need dictates, that same employee They either do not pay any attention to the information, fail to recognize that they are being instructed and need to pay attention, or simply do not understand the inherent danger of a heavy moving object. Panish Construction Corporation dba Construction Systems, Door Expert (all types), Gates, Locks, Door Closers, Door Hardware, AUTOMATIC ENTRY GATES - Personal Injury & Damage Claims, many articles on the subject of door and gate related claims, Learn more about Mike - Automatic Door Expert, Cabinets, Furniture & Architectural Millwork Expert, Construction Dispute & Contractor Fraud Expert, Criminal Cases Expert: Assault, Rape & Elder Abuse, Courtroom Trial Exemplar Fabrication, Displays, Models for Presentation, Electrical & Electrocution Accident Expert, Healthcare & Mental Health Facilities Expert Witness, Hotels, Casinos, Nightclubs, Restaurants, Hospitality Expert. The gate and all of the fence If these concrete, and pulled the door away from the designed path of travel. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. the common area swimming pool. With the right company, an appropriate system can be designed to match a community’s specific security needs. and defense has enabled me to analyze all claims from a point of view of the gate and gate materials fell onto the patron, cracking his skull,

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