April News 2020

It’s with tears that we again say THANK YOU.
🤍Payroll is going through for our teachers -some of whom depend on these classes for their livelihood – because of YOUR support. YOU made this happen!
🤍But, what’s even MORE important? Is that you being here TODAY means we can be here as a place to COME BACK HOME TO when this is all over. And, that’s when we are going to need that human connection more than EVER.
🤍AND, WOULD JOIN ME IN GIVING A HIGH FIVE TO THE TEACHERS? We couldn’t ask for a finer team of caring educators.
Miss Allison

As a reminder, we are going back to this schedule for virtual classes. You will use the same Zoom link as you have in the past – this can be found in the google classroom, go to “classwork” and scroll down to the LIVE CLASS INFO.
Students: Wear your silly socks to your live classes
this week (April 27-May 1)!

Videos and materials are added to classes each Monday. Students can work on these at any time throughout the week and can go back and re-watch/review at any time.

Please check back to these pages as we continue to add more resources:
Coloring Pages & Children’s Activities
and At-Home Activities.

Our SUMMER CLASSES will now be for the month of July only. June classes are cancelled so we can focus on our current season. If you have already enrolled, your payment will transfer to your July tuition.
View the current summer schedules HERE.

Progress Reports were handed out with costumes or mailed to students who did not pick up a costume.
Graded Technique forms were mailed to students so they can continue to work on this at home and have them handy for live classes.
Discounts for the Loyalty Program will be automatically calculated and added to your account for the new season.

For your convenience, annual membership fees and first month of tuition will be automatically renewed and applied to your account on May 1, 2020 June 1, 2020 unless the opt-out form is completed before May 28, 2020.

SCHEDULES for the 2020-21 Season are now on the website!

ADA 2020-21 Season Updates
*This year we are introducing Rollover Registration as explained above.
*Classes will begin August 3 and continue through May.
*Payment processing schedule is as follows:
May 1 June 1: $50 membership fee and first month’s tuition
September 1-May 1: Tuition
September 15, October 15, November 15: 1/3 costume fees on the 15th of each month

If you were unable to pick up your costume, we will keep it at the studio and will be scheduling another pickup date soon.

New Spring Recital update coming soon!!!